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Marsilii Serrature SRL

Marsilii Serrature Srl is the only security doors’ company to have the whole range of locks with a completely mechanical and automatic locking system.

Marsilii Serrature Srl was born from the experience gained from over 40 years of work in the field of security locks. Given the technical, functional and above all practical shortcomings of traditional locks, it was decided to create a new type of locks, unique in its kind thanks to its high-security and unsurpassed practicality.

The first automatic locking system prototype was created already in 1989.

Custos, the mechanical door lock without springs, was patented in 1992 (patent number RM 92 A 000200), followed through the years by other patents, such as self-closing hinges and security locks for the prison sector (automatic door lock with realignment), a real gem of engineering technology.

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The Custos P patent is the highest expression of technical-productive simplicity concerning automatic locks available nowadays.

Patents on rotary and sliding handles, draught excluders, installations, counter frames and prisons’ locks contribute to make Marsilii Serrature Srl the first leader company in the security doors field.