Estro tagliafuoco



EI 120 fire resistance; Door insulated with four different fire-proof materials; Concealed hinges on the inner side of the door with the frame coplanar to the panel; Metal sheet’s thickness of 65/10 over the whole lock area, plus three “top, center, low” reinforcements 30/10 thick.

The aesthetic innovations are the ROTARY and SLIDING handles, which allow the Marsilii door to have no protrusions and gives it an appearance of total coplanarity.

Mechanical self-closing safety locks

The Estro security door features a superb mechanical invention, which allows the bolts to fit into their seats by simply placing the door closer to the wing.
The locking operation, so far carried out by the user with a key, is automatically performed by the “Custos P 12 laser” lock itself.
The door is constantly reinforced by six independent and burglar-proof pins, which are longer than 10 cm and come 3 cm out from the door leaf. The key is only needed to open the door from the outside; From the inside the Custos door is opened by simply turning the pommel or the rotary/sliding handle.

Electric safety locks

Security doors requiring electrical controls are equipped with the “Custos P 12 Laser E” lock.
The door is closed mechanically without the aid of electrical devices, but it can be opened both mechanically and electrically.