Estro line

profilo tecnico linea Estro

Estro door’s technical data


It is profiled with 25/10 sheet-zinc.


  • Caisson made of two press-folded galvanized sheets: the external one is 15/10 thick, while the internal one is 10/10 thick, properly shaped to function as reinforcement.
  • On the inside of the galvanized sheets there are press-folded omega reinforcements, which are 30/10 thick;
  • Frame made of double 20/10 metal sheets, properly shaped to fit into the counter frame and painted black;
  • European profile cylinder with protected key, supplied with no. 5 keys;
  • “Custos” automatic locking system;
  • Wide-angle peephole with a view of 180°;
  • Internal and external handles’ kit with welded threaded bush fixing;
  • Defender for cylinder protection with welded threaded bush fixing;
  • Panelling in laminate, wooden essence, hardwood and okoumè, or in MDF, MEG, gres and aluminium;
  • Three panels for thermal and acoustic insulation;
  • EPDM Tubular perimeter gasket in between the frame and the door;
  • Anti-unhinging hinges;
  • Two concealed hinges adjustable both vertically and horizontally;
  • Retractable opening limiter;
  • ANTIDRIP movable sill;
  • MDF external perimetrical border with EPDM gasket.

Download the Estro counter frame datasheet