“Estro” is the Marsilii coplanar door with concealed hinges and automatic locking system.

This line successfully integrates doors and interior design, giving also the opportunity to choose coplanar handles without giving up the design freedom.

It is an innovative project, based on an exclusive profile with recessed section, which eliminates thermal and acoustic tightness problems during the combination of counter frame, frame and door.

Types of handles

Linea Estro
Linea Estro
Linea Estro Marsilii


Concealed hinges on the inner side of the door and in-sight frame coplanar to the panel; Metal sheet’s thickness over the entire lock area for a total of 65/10 plus three “top, centre, bottom” reinforcements of 30/10; The aesthetic innovation is the rotary handle, which allows the Estro door to have no protrusions and gives it an appearance of total coplanarity.


The Estro security door features a superb mechanical invention, which allows the bolts to fit into their seats by simply placing the door leaf closer to the wing. The locking operation, so far carried out by the user with a key, is automatically performed by the “Custos P 12 laser” lock itself.
The door is constantly reinforced by six independent and burglar-proof pins, which are longer than 10 cm and come 3 cm out from the door leaf.
The key is only needed to open the door from the outside; From the inside the Estro door is opened by simply turning the doorknob or the rotary handle.


Security doors requiring electrical controls are equipped with the “Custos P 12 Laser E” lock. The door is closed mechanically, without the aid of electrical devices, but it can be opened both mechanically and electrically.


Counter frame

It is realized in 20/10 sheet-zinc, properly shaped to contain the frame, making it unassailable to levers such as crowbars and screwdrivers. This system also allows to have major endurance during the assembly, in case the threshold is stalled higher or lower than it should be (about 2cm).



It is realized in double 20/10 sheet-zinc, properly shaped to fit into the counter frame and stove enamelled. It also has latch recorder, concealed hinges with self-lubricating bushes adjustable to up/down or left/right. The EPDM gasket is embedded in between the frame and the counter frame, isolating the inside from the outside, both thermally and acoustically.


Door leaf

It is made of two press-folded galvanized panels: the external one is 12/10 thick, while the internal one is 10/10 thick, properly shaped to function as reinforcement. In the hollow space there are three omega reinforcements made of 30/10 sheets, which are positioned horizontally. The door is insulated with three different materials: thermal, acoustic and thermal-acoustic insulations, which cover the entire door’s surface, lock’s area included. The door leaf is also equipped with a highly reliable clamping unit: the Custos 12 Laser with automatic locking system moves six pivots 10cm long and is provided with the European profile cylinder, protected by a coplanar defender. The patented draught excluder functions as a seal both on the floor and on the frame’s gaskets, obtaining a result comparable to the fixed threshold system without the risk of having obstacles in the passage area.



It extends over the top of the door without any structural variation. It can be made of vandal resistant laminated glass of 18/19 thickness, or anticrime glass of 19/21 thickness (under request also 26/27 or 39/41).


Exclusive features of the door

Constant guarantee of security, no longer tied to the use of keys; Practical opening from the inside with effective anti-panic function; Anti-jamming device: the key is always recast with the position of the pins.

Linea Estro
Linea Estro