Marsilii security doors

Marsilii Serrature Srl is the only security doors’ company to have the whole range of locks with a completely mechanical and automatic locking system.

Marsilii Serrature Srl was born from the experience gained from over 40 years of work in the field of security locks. Given the technical, functional and above all practical shortcomings of traditional locks, it was decided to create a new type of locks, unique in its kind thanks to its high-security and unsurpassed practicality.

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We know how to keep you safe

The strength of Marsilii doors lies in the special, completely mechanical locking technology and its patents on rotary and sliding handles and draught excluders.

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When safety does not obscure beauty

Marsilii security doors can be customized according to your own style, your house and your needs thanks to thousands of covering materials of extraordinary quality and design.

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Attention to details

Door leaves and locks are made in such a way as to combine in just one product security (the most important component for a security door) together with thermal and acoustic requirements and air, water and wind sealing, in order to be at the top of the category.

Aesthetics is no less important, as doors’ coplanarity does not compromise any type of environment, providing finishes of all kinds.

Custos P patent
Custos P laser patent is the highest expression of technical-productive simplicity concerning automatic locks available nowadays.